These days there are numerous techniques, philosophies and ideas around buildings that encompass the concept of sustainability.

To build sustainably in our mind is to build with a purpose of achieving a building that stands the test of time, providing long term, year round comfort, a healthy living environment and minimal impact on our earth's resources.

As a result we have made choices in the way we work as builders in our community to not only encourage our clients to work with us right from the design stage, but also to work with our sub contractors, trades and suppliers, educating them on our building techniques and in turn hopefully inspiring them to grow and learn.

Our fundamental building principles are very different to most building companies. We direct our focus on the inner construction of the home and work out from there, concentrating on the building envelope.

With the outer layer of the building we make sure it is air tight and water proof. After all, this is what protects the house from the elements. Simply cladding your home will not do the job. The right paper, the technique and execution of the install is key.

The next step after this is where we work on the inner layer to make it as air tight as possible and use insulation techniques to maximise thermal performance. A well insulated home will retain its heat, and on the flip side will keep out the heat in the summer. An important part of this process is to use special framing methods to make sure there are no holes at junction walls and corners, ensuring all parts of the home are insulated. 



With all of this in place, a system of mechanical air ventilation is incorporated into the design of the home to ensure an exchange of fresh air is keeping the home environment healthy.

Much like in our body, the core is what gives us power. If the core of the home is strong it can withstand today’s elements and allow us to live in a comfortable home at all times!

Although for the most part our building philosophy is thermal performance based, we do place a high importance of the quality of craftsmanship into our buildings as well. We are fortunate to have a high level of skilled trades on our team to bring to life all of these goals and are excited for the future of our building company.