Passive House building is a world-leading standard of building houses that is more energy efficient than traditional building methods. This construction concept focuses on creating homes that are comfortable, energy efficient, and intelligently designed to create a consistent temperature with little to no heating systems, all while being stylish and affordable at the same time.


The first Passive Houses were built in Darmstadt, Germany in 1990, and soon followed in other German cities and towns. From here, other parts of Europe took fancy to this standard of energy efficient buildings. Passive Houses are now being built all over the world, including right here in the heart of Gippsland.


North South homes have been building homes using the passive house principles for their last four builds and they currently have three new homes being built that will attain full passive house certification. The future of passive house buildings is very bright and they look forward to building many more in the region.


How is a house considered a passive house?

‘Passive House’ building is a worldwide standard that’s recognized internationally. The standards to be met include the total primary energy consumption and amount of air leakage.


To ensure these standards are met, passive houses are built with extra insulation than you would find in any other regular build, as well as a sealed layer around any doors or windows, preventing heat from escaping out or sneaking in. Other things such as double or triple glazed windows, ensuring houses are orientated properly, and use of an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation), allowing fresh air to enter your home, without letting warm air escape.


Such things can and must be tested to pass the Passive House Certifications, for instance, a blower door test to test how airtight a structure is. Part of being Passive House Certified means that we build homes the right way the first time, and test where testing is needed, so that you can have a home that uses the least amount of energy possible.


And if you’re looking at building a passive house, but are not keen on the new modern styles of housing, fear not. Passive houses are made from certain materials that must reach a certain standard, but do not have to conform to a certain look. You can have your cottage style house or your classic farmhouse all while passing passive house certifications.


While the cost of a Passive House may be more upfront (and it’s really not that much more), you will immediately be saving anywhere between 75% and 95% in heating and energy bills.


Passive Houses are low running cost, comfortable, energy efficient, well designed, insulated, made with love, houses that are the way of the future. Sounds like something you’re interested in? Call or shoot us an email today and we can start planning the path to your dream home.


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Here at North South Homes we have been working hard over the past couple of years to advance our knowledge in building energy efficient homes. We have spent much time and personal energy to learn as much as we can to bring the best possible building outcomes to our clients.

This is something we will continue to do as part of the growth and development of our business.

Last year Wade undertook the study of Certified Passiv Haus Tradesperson and then followed it up with taking the universally recognised exam.

We recently received the news that he has been successful in passing the exam and we are thrilled that we can now share this news.

It is our passion to build homes that are good for the environment, good for our health and that our clients feel comfortable in all year long. With Passiv Haus building techniques and building science we confidently know we can offer this as our premium product.

To help you understand a little bit more about Passiv Haus buildings , here is a little video that explains it in a very simple format.

For more detailed information please follow the links below the video.


For the past few months we have been busy behind the scenes documenting the building process of one of our building projects.


The new house build we started in June of this year (2017) is well under way. It has been a great project to document as it helps to explain the difference in our building philosophy and style.

One of the biggest points we want to get across is the fact that we place the highest importance on the performance quality of our buildings. 


As a result we felt that filming the process of our insulation and performance techniques was the best way to share this knowledge and passion.

Please enjoy the first in a series of videos and feel welcome to share, comment and contribute to the important conversation in building high performance, sustainable, comfortable homes!